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Wordelicious 2.0

Linguistic Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
We are a very verbal community. Come join us and employ the wonderful vocabulary you think you have ...

Come and discuss new words of your own creation, or your favorite words already in use.

Or just come and indulge your witty intellectual side.

Discuss important issues or random babble. Your choice.

You have a voice ... use it.

Wordeicious is maintained and moderated by naturalzephyr

Here is Wordelicious History:

naturalzephyr and pippinshire were chatting one time and I had said that it was a pity that LJ didn't have a community for us weird and random linguists as we were making up words on the spot and laughing way too much, she said we should create one, and we discussed it for a length and then I went ahead and made it happen and we both christened it "Wordelicious" and hence we are all here now for the common good of budding linguists everywhere :D