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Introduction plus words

Hi everyone. Just joined this community because I love making up words. Actually, I try to make up one every day. Glad to be here and all that. Here's my contributions for today. Bear in mind, these do display the level of insanity that I operate on every day.

snarfle(pronounced "snar-ful")--a laugh that is between a chuckle and a snort, or the way you laugh if you've got a stuffy nose.
(This guy in my senior French class always sounded stuffed up, so I said that he snarfled instead of laughed)

mogoly(pronounced "mo-go-lee")--bad, awful, horrible
(Derived from Mowgli, from The Jungle Book. My friend and I think that name is horrible, hence the word.)

cleanirificus totalus (pronounced "clean-uh-rif-a-cus toe-tall-us")--to clean thoroughly
(Made up spell, a la Harry Potter)

Told you I was crazy. :-)
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