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hello...llo..ooooo [31 Aug 2005|03:40pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

hello everyone.
this community has been so quiet lately.
i thought i'd post the word i made up today: tangentize
"i tend to tangentize a lot when explaining things."
i thought it was kinda funny.

has anyone ever been to this site? its kinda right up our alley. and my word is already in there, so i guess i can't claim copyright!!!

So if you have any funny words - please make a new post and help liven up the comm.

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HELLo! [30 Sep 2004|12:29pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

hi rose eros, i'm ueber happy to meet you!
i stumbled in looking for others who are linguistics junkies and addicts. have i found my fix?

thanks to whom started this journal!

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Greetings [30 Dec 2003|12:49am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hi all!! Just found this community, so this is my first post :)

I have a Bachelor's degree in Language and Applied Linguistics, but haven't really done much with it - as I am now working at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne (in a non-linguistic related capacity). Naturally, I still have an interest in language and linguistics - hence, here I am :)

Thought fellow linguists would find this funny (it's a hyperlink, by the way): English is Tough Stuff. Check it out and let me know what you think :)

Happy LJing!

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[07 Sep 2003|02:29pm]

[ mood | amused ]

dear goth I havent posted here in a while...

well hello once again. I'm now a student at UCBerkeley so I'm bound to find more words.

Fenis-a penis that is a fish

This came about after reading a poem describing a penis as a limp fish. Odd poem? No just odd people reading it

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introductory post [07 Sep 2003|06:30pm]

Hi! I'm a weird and random and budding linguist...
Hopefully, I'll soon be in a grad program getting a PhD on the subject.
Currently I'm teaching English and studying Japanese in Tokyo

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[05 Jul 2003|10:52pm]
There's a new community in town.

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Meep! [05 Feb 2003|07:38am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

The Wordelicious Mistress is back, sorry for the long absence ... school and life are after me!

Welcome to all the newbies if there are any ... and words are cool!

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First Post [29 Jan 2003|12:59am]

I just joined this community (It's rather cute, by the way. Love it!) and thought I'd offer up my favorite word of all...

Shay: Pronounced just as it's written, shay is the all encompassing word. However, it is often a favored substitute of the word f***. Example: "Shay off." or "Shay you." and of course, "Shayer."

Heh. Sorry. Just had to spread a little random Tayaness.
Anyway, nice to meet you all!

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[19 Jan 2003|06:28pm]

sorry for the crossposting...
i just made a slammin new community called heartfulloflove so everyone should go join it :)

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this place is quiet [21 Nov 2002|03:57pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

just a little question - funny thing to get ppl talking (hopefully anyway)

what are peoples favourite exclamation words? the wierder the better, u can even make up ones if u want.

ones that i use lots are ug, ik, igg, euw and of couuse theres the normal ones - cool, mad etc.

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i remembered more of my words [04 Nov 2002|10:21am]

[ mood | happy ]

pishawh pish (rhymes whith fish) awh (a in father - big deal; an exclamation that says 'so what'
foushie f-wh-j(think french j'e)-ee - (this ones a bit difficult to pronounce) a term for someone who is being stuck up or arrogant
wallygahama wal-ee-ga-hay-ma - a complete fool (use = i felt like a wallygahama)
catwanga cat-weng-ga - i'm not too sure about this one, but i think it means more than you are (i use this with my cat - it means almost human)

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Lalalalala [02 Nov 2002|11:57am]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Potterite: Obviously a fellow Harry Potter fan, truly dedicated and knows his/her stuff :P

Widget: A econmic example of a product ... it has no set meaning ... just think if it as a gadget or gidget or something ...

Neesh: Sound of disgust or fright ...

Bak-Sheesh: Equivalent of "get the frick away from me or else!"

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conwashinte [29 Oct 2002|04:15pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

hello - i have been making up my own words for ages. usually i speak my personal language with my cat cause she dosn't tell me that my words arn't real.

anyway here are some of my words.

conwashinte (cun - vash - een - tay) - a greeting, combines hello, how are you and isn't it a lovley day - sometimes followed by mieow.

mogeldijops (mog - il - di - jops) - an expression used when something goes wrong - bugger it, damn

moglious (mog - lee - iss) - like the above but used as a sign of defeat / disillusionment

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Simply fun [25 Oct 2002|05:46am]

[ mood | amused ]

Snarf - To consume in small portions. "I snarfed Jason's oreos"

Shyte - Basically, it means something akin to bad comments. "I'll not have you say shyte about me!"

Okay now for a word already in place in the English language:

Acrimonious - To be bitter in words or manner ...

I love this word!!!!!

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Introduction plus words [27 Oct 2002|09:03pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hi everyone. Just joined this community because I love making up words. Actually, I try to make up one every day. Glad to be here and all that. Here's my contributions for today. Bear in mind, these do display the level of insanity that I operate on every day.

snarfle(pronounced "snar-ful")--a laugh that is between a chuckle and a snort, or the way you laugh if you've got a stuffy nose.
(This guy in my senior French class always sounded stuffed up, so I said that he snarfled instead of laughed)

mogoly(pronounced "mo-go-lee")--bad, awful, horrible
(Derived from Mowgli, from The Jungle Book. My friend and I think that name is horrible, hence the word.)

cleanirificus totalus (pronounced "clean-uh-rif-a-cus toe-tall-us")--to clean thoroughly
(Made up spell, a la Harry Potter)

Told you I was crazy. :-)

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Words To Live By ... Na ... [27 Oct 2002|02:54pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

My word for the day is:

Spunkosity - To have the a certain level of spunk. "That chick has the highest level of Spunkosity in this town"

Piccadily - A picture or photograph. "I really like this Piccadily of you"

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hello my people... [25 Oct 2002|10:05pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

*waves at her people* So it has begun once again thanks to hellodollylady my dear friend *gives hug*...in crime. Muahahaha...well then I shall give you a word:

loserosity- A measure of the loserness of something/someone as in "The loserosity of our football team is very high" lol. IT IS!

And that my friend is the only word I have for now in my feeble mind.lol. au revoir! Oh yeah and join us! Join us!

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Come Join!! [25 Oct 2002|06:48pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello all, please come join the fun and bring your friends :D

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